From learning to swim for the first time to developing technique while training for a triathlon or sporting challenge, the Elite Academy in Doha has a range of courses and lessons for men. There is no better place to learn new water skills than the most technologically advanced swimming center in Doha, Qatar. Developed in line with the world best standards, we offer three levels of instruction from beginner to intermediate to advanced leading to going pro.

Achieving your specific aims in the pool comes when the body and mind are relaxed, with much of this coming through the development of the correct aquatic breathing technique. We understand the importance of learning how to breathe in water when swimming. Overall coordination can then be improved through whole-stroke practices to aid arm, leg and body movement.

Under the guidance of our highly qualified instructors, our services include; learn to swim programs and technique development for all age groups. Guaranteed to improve efficiency and confidence with every stroke.

Sunday to Thursday
Sessions Time
Session 1 06:45PM – 07:30PM
Session 2 07:30PM – 08:15PM
Session 3 08:15PM – 09:30PM
Session 4 09:00PM – 09:45PM

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