Looking for Women swimming lessons in Doha, you have come to the right place. We have some of the best female swimming instructors in Qatar who will be more than happy to teach you swimming at your pace.

Our female instructor can also provide private swimming lessons to help achieve your swimming goals. Elite Academy is the fastest growing swimming center in Doha. Our women-only swimming teachers help young kids and women of all ages learn how to swim.

We offer affordable swimming prices and also have swimming experts who are geared towards the Elite. You will be amazed at what our ladies only swimming instructors can do for your health and swimming skills.

Our temperature-controlled pool and internationally qualified staff function to help women of all ages develop a life-long harmony with water. Different purpose-built swimming programs allow enthusiasts from all walks of life and ages to pursue their swimming dreams.


Blocks & Dates

All classes are indoors in a temperature-controlled environment year-round. All classes are held during ladies only swimming time.
Block Duration Date
Block 2 5 Weeks 01st November – 03rd December 2020
Block 3 4 Weeks 06th – 31st December 2020
Block 4 6 Weeks 03rd January- 04th February 2021
Block 5 4 Weeks 07th February – 18th March 2021
Block 6 5 Weeks 21st March – 22nd April 2021
wimmers progress at own pace through the levels, once the skill set is reach. [/col] [/row]   All classes must be completed within the block term dates. Classes are charged for 4 weeks (8 classes) Students have 5 weeks (10 classes) to complete all 8 prepaid classes within the block dates. No class credits or makeup classes are provided.

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