Water natural resistance is perfect for developing low-impact workouts that help build strength and stamina.

Our aqua aerobics classes are great for people who are new to working out, recovering from injuries or surgery, living with an inflammatory condition, and pre- and post-natal moms.


Aqua aerobic exercises in Doha are conducted in a swimming pool led by a certified instructor, who guides the class through various aerobic movements done to rhythmic music in the water.


These water fitness classes are also great for seniors, as well as athletes who want to improve their abilities. A range of water exercise classes include high-intensity workout in deep water, using a buoyancy aid, shallow water classes suitable for all levels and abilities, and the easy-paced, low-impact, shallow water exercise class.

These low-impact classes help to increase mobility, strength, flexibility, coordination and fitness.

Blocks & Dates

Block Duration Date
Block 1 5 Weeks 8th September- 11th October 2018
Block 2 5 Weeks 14th October – 15th November 2018
Block 3 4 Weeks 18th November – 13th December 2018
Intense Course 4 Days 16th December – 20th December 2018
Block 4 5 Weeks 6th January – 7th February 2019

Aqua Aerobics Schedule

Time Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
08:30 AM Aqua Cardio
09:30 AM Aqua Fitness Aqua Fitness Aqua Fitness
10:30 AM Aqua Health Aqua Health Aqua Health
06:45 PM Aqua Whole body Aqua Whole body
07:45 PM Aqua Fitness Aqua Fitness
08:45 PM Aqua Cardio Aqua Cardio

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